CMIIW : Correct Me If I’m Wrong
BYKS : Benerin Ya Kalo Salah
BTW : By The Way
IMHO : In My Humble Opinion
IMO : In My Opinion
DIWYOR : Do It With Your Own Risk
AFAIK : As Far As I Know
SOL : Sorry One Liner
LOL : Laugh Out Loud
ROFL : Rolling on the Floor Laughing
TIA : Thanks In Advance
DL : DownLoad
HTH : Hope That Helps
FYI : For Your Information
PM : Private Message
Japri : Jalur Pribadi
Jalum : Jalur Umum
OS : Operation System
OTA : Over the Air
OOT : Out Of Topic
HH : HandHeld
BB : BlackBerry™
BNIB : Brand New In Box
Apps : Application
Ops : Operator
WTA : Want To Ask
WTB : Want To Buy
WTS : Want To Sell
WTShare : Want To Share
SSB : Send Service Book
HRT : Host Routing Table
P3BB : Pertolongan Pertama Pada BlackBerry