Biar Bisa Install ….
Recently I tried to install Wise Package Studio and got the following message. “The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation”.

For my particular instance it was fixed by changing a value in the registry under
Name – DisableMSI Type – REG_DWORD 0 = enable
This was originally set to 1.

Hope this helps out someone else who comes across this error.

During my search I also found that there is a Windows Installer 2.0 Bug which sometimes throws up this message. If there is a trace of an application previously having been installed, and you are trying to re-install it, you may get the above error. You can fix this by going to the registry to:


Biar Bisa Sharing …
You will need to change a policy with in GPEDIT.MSC
Computer Configuration > Windows settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > user right Policies.> Access this computer form the network.
By default this is set so only people from the administrators group can access the PC.
We recommend adding an AD group here for people you wish to access the files or printer being shared.